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Our Company

Wave Leads is a Performance Marketing and Lead Generation agency with more than 10 years of experience in the digital advertising industry.

We choose the digital solutions that best suit you and your business, jointly creating an integrated and personalized strategy that works in parallel, both on digital and traditional channels.

Thanks to our portfolio of advertising tools, you will reach your audience, increase your sales, and optimize your budget. All of this is possible thanks to the study of an optimized, effective, and totally personalized strategy for you.

Let yourself be amazed by our digital solutions!

Our Services

From the choice of sources, to the automatic delivery by API and contents, our core business is online advertising in all its declinations, always oriented to performance marketin and lead generation.

We generate almost 1500 qualified leads every day, in 9 different countries and in 7 different industries. And we keep growing!

SMS Marketing

Still one of the most used and performing channels: with an open rate of over 90%, SMS Marketing is the right choice to get directly in touch with your target.

Facebook Ads

Take advantage of an audience with no limits: we ensure that direct dialogue and discussion with your users, is consistent with your image, and highly impactful.

Email Marketing

Thanks to a network of hundreds of affiliates, we are able to make any type of online campaign work, guaranteeing both volumes and quality.

Native Ads

Content marketing is more effective than ever when the campaigns get conveyed on the most important online newspaper and magazines.

Work with us

Have you worked in the digital marketing industry before or you have skills you’d like to put to test?

Contact us, and take the opportunity to join our team!

Send your updated CV to and tell us what you can do: we are always looking for new talent!